SINAMICS S210 servo drive system

The servo drive that simplifies project engineering for machine builders a lot

SINAMICS S210 servo drive system – Description

SINAMICS S210 Servo Drive System and SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with OCC
Servo drive system SINAMICS S210, in addition to the extended safety functions, now available for 3-phase mains connection and DC link connection

SINAMICS S210 - The easy, high-Performance and safe servo drive System. With its converter designed specifically for use with the newly developed SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors, Siemens is offering a new servo drive system in five power classes ranging from 50 to 750 watts. The converters come with integrated safety functions and enable rapid engineering. They are connected to the higher-level controller over PROFINET and allow simple commissioning using a web server and one-button tuning. Working in combination with the SIMOTICS servo motors, they allow for highly dynamic movement of minimal loads as well as ultra-precise movement of medium and high loads.

SINAMICS S210 Servo Drive System and SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with OCC

The servo drive system for high dynamic Motion Control appilcations, e.g. in packaging or handling. Top performant, easy to use, integrated safety functions, simple configuration and commissioning.

SINAMICS S210 servo drive system – a brief Summary of its Strengths

  • New drive system comprising SINAMICS S210 and SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors

  • High dynamic performance and precision plus simple One Cable Connection (OCC)

  • Integrated safety functions, rapid engineering and commissioning

  • Servo drive system in five power classes from 50 to 750 watts

SINAMICS S210 servo drive system – Technical Data

Power range

1AC 230 V, 0.1 kW - 0.75 kW
3AC 400 V, 0.4 kW - 7 kW*
0.05 kW - 0.75 kW
0.4 kW - 7 kW*


1AC 230 V, 0.16 Nm - 2.4 Nm
3AC 400 V, 1.3 Nm - 50 Nm*



Safety Functions

STO, SS1, SBC, SS21), SOS1), SLS1), SSM1), SDI1), SLA1), SBT1)

Commissioning / Engineering

Web server / Startdrive*

EMC Filter

Integrated (1AC 230 V: class C2  / 3AC 400 V: class C3*)



Motor Connection

One cable connection with SPEED-CONNECT quick lock fastener and compact, rotatable plug
Allowed cable length: up to 50 m

Typical Controller


Motor design

• with low rotor inertia (High dynamic) in shaft height 20 to 63 mm
• with medium rotor inertia (compact) in shaft height 30 to 100 mm

Motor options

brake, multi turn or single turn encoder, feather key, rotary shaft seal

* in preparation

1) Available in SINAMICS V5.1 SP1 and higher. The Extended Functions require a Safety license as well as Safety-capable SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servomotors.

SINAMICS S210 servo drive system – Typical Uses

Typical applications for the new drive system include in particular packaging machines, handling applications such as Pick & Place, wood and ceramic processing as well as digital printing.