The open encoder interface for the SINAMICS drives family

Open encoder interface

Encoder with DRIVE-CLiQ interface

DRIVE-CLiQ is an open encoder interface. This enables users to select the measuring system that is perfectly tailored to their application. Encoders that use new measuring techniques (such as magnetic/inductive systems, magnetostrictive sensors, lasers) can also be connected through DRIVE-CLiQ.This means that measuring systems can be integrated into the SINAMICS drive system that are tailored to the application in terms of price and function.

DRIVE-CLiQ for manufacturers of measuring systems

Encoder manufacturers have the option of offering linear or rotary encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ interface. For implementing DRIVE-CLiQ, Siemens offers:

  • Interface ASIC DQ100

  • Development Kit for development and testing

  • Driver software and documentation


Interface ASIC, DQ100

The interface ASIC DQ100 contains the DRIVE-CLiQ functionality. Through integration in the encoder electronics, the encoder has direct access to the DRIVE-CLiQ system interface. The cirquits can be ordered in batch sizes of 60, 240 and1200 items.

DRIVE-CLiQ Development Kit

The DRIVE-CLiQ Development Kit is used to develop DRIVE-CLiQ encoders. It comprises a DQ100 evaluation board, driver software and documentation.

Main features of the DQ100 Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board

DRIVE-CLiQ interface software can be developed using the DQ100 Evaluation Board, independent of the hardware.

Support and certification

Siemens Support Center will provide support in integration of the DRIVE-CLiQ encoder interface and will perform certification of the DRIVE-CLiQ measuring system.

Support worldwide, in English:

Support Center
Phone: +420 (233) 033 161

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