SINAMICS S120  - System overview

SINAMICS S120 / SINAMICS S120M – More than a drive

the modular SINAMICS S120 drive system addresses demanding applications in plant and machinery construction. Single- and multi-axis drives sporting a high dynamic performance with integrated comprehensive functionality and a scalable number of axes can address almost any drive application. SINAMICS S120 facilitates the implementation of flexible and modular machine concepts that can address specific customer requirements.

The answer to complex requirements

Today, machines must be manufactured even more cost-effectively – and should offer end users increasingly higher degrees of productivity. Our SINAMICS S120 drive system addresses both of these goals!

SINAMICS S120 – a brief Summary of its Strengths

  • The servo- and vector drive is the perfect basis for modular system and machine concepts

  • Innovative system architecture and digital communication options

  • Broad range of control modes

  • Integrated technology functions

  • Safety functions built into the motion control drives

  • Integrated Know-how prodecttion

  • Efficient engineering and quick commissioning with SIZER drive sizing and STARTER commissioning tools

  • Auto-configuration and auto-tuning of controls

  • Uncomplicated, integrated solutions using Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

  • Integration of SINAMICS through to automation level

  • Integrated SINAMICS S120 web server

  • Extended range of formats from Blocksize through Booksize and Chassis up to the distributed mechanical design of the S120M, which does not have to be accommodated in a control cabinet

SINAMICS S120 – Technical Data

Ratings depend on design and type of the motion control drives

Voltage and power ranges:

0.12 - 5,700 kW 1AC 230 V, 3AC 380 - 480 V and 3 AC 500 - 690 V (50/60 Hz)

Control principle:

V/f open-loop control, Vector control with/without Encoder, Servo control with/without encoder


air and liquid cooling

SINAMICS S120 – Typical Uses

Whether it is a continuous goods transport line or synchronized and highly dynamic process,  the high  performance drive products from Siemens deliver every time and in many industrial applications including:  packaging machines, plastic machines, textile machines, printing machines, paper machines, lifting gear, handling and assembly systems, machine tools,  conveyor technology, rolling mill, presses, test stands, ship's drives and drilling machines.