SINAMICS S120 - Know-how Protection

SINAMICS S120 know-how protection look

The SINAMICS drive family has been extended with the know-how protection for an efficient and easy-to-use function for safe protection of your engineering investment.
The programming of the parameters is often based on long-term, usually iteratively found out and accumulated experiences. Therefore, it is important that this valuable information does not fall into the wrong hands.
Equally important is to ensure the integrity of the machine or plant. Through the functions of write and copy protection also manipulations and unauthorized copies are safely prevented beside the reengineering.
All that protects your ideas and engineering expenses, thus ensuring your investments.

Write protection

protecting parameter settings from inadvertent changes by the user


Customer benefit

Protecting parameter settings from inadvertent changes by the user. The controller still has complete access

The user can only read parameters and cannot inadvertently change the device's parameter settings

Write protection applies to all interfaces and the drive unit

The controllers still have complete access to the device. Cyclic and acyclic communication is possible

Video Tutorial: Write Protection in the SINAMICS Drives Family

Know-how protection

SINAMICS S120 know-how protection

protection of the machine manufacturer's intellectual property and protection from changes to the parameter settings. This provides protection from the reproduction of machines and safeguards your investment.

The parameter settings are hidden and locked. They can still be transferred to any memory card and any CU, i.e. also  copied/duplicated as a "blackbox".


Customer benefit

Blocking of parameters that end users are not allowed to view or change

Re-engineering of the drive configuration is reliably prevented

The machine manufacturer's know-how

Machine protection, e.g. torque limits cannot be changed

Parameters to which the end user should have access must be added to an exception list

Machine manufacturer's know-how remains protected

Machine manufacturer defines what possible settings are available to the end user

Video Tutorial: Know-how Protection in the SINAMICS Drives Family

Know-how protection and additional copy protection

SINAMICS S120 know-how copy protection

The serial numbers of the (target) memory card and CU are also included in the protection algorithm. The parameter settings can therefore only be used on the specified hardware


Customer benefit

The parameter settings can be linked and locked with the serial number of the memory card and the control unit

The parameterization can be linked directly to the memory card and the control unit

Reliable electronic transfer of the parameter settings from the machine manufacturer to the end user

If spare parts are required, the machine manufacturer can easily transfer the adjusted data via e-mail

This reduces the end user's machine downtime

Video Tutorial: Create Know-how Protected Projects with SINAMICS STARTER

Security information

For the secure operation of Siemens products and solutions, it is necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and integrate each component into a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept.  Third-party products that may be in use should also be considered.  For more information about industrial security, visit