SIMOCRANE Sway Control

The powerful automatic system for safety and productivity

Any motion of a crane where cables or ropes are involved causes the load to sway and can therefore be a source of danger to man and material. This sway also means that transport operations take longer. One method of making the process more efficient is the reduction of ‘sway’ – the pendulum motion induced by moving a load from one position to another, while it is suspended by cables from the loading crane.

Maximal crane dynamics

Increase productivity in a secure way

Before a load can be placed on the ship or pier, the crane operator must reduce the sway to a few millimeters. In an unassisted, manual operation, this process can occupy more than 30% of the average move time. To increase productivity, the Sway Control system offers the opportunity to minimize the crane handling time, simplify the complex operation tasks, assist crane drivers, increase productivity and avoids physical damage to the crane and crane driver.

Sway control on automatic operations

The SIMOCRANE Sway Control for STS and GSU offers a powerful sway control system with not only neutralization of sway in manual and positioning operation, but also an automatic positioning with safety and time optimized trajectory in consideration of obstacles.

In addition the system provides the flying unloading function for GSU crane, Trim-List-Skew Control and accordingly Skew damping for STS crane. The skew damping can be carried out by either hydraulic cylinder or by an additional electric drive.

Accurate Positions
The system provides a higher degree of safety for personnel, the goods being transported and Stress on mechanical construction being reduced. The automatic sway control relieves the crane operator and at the same time the load can be more quickly and more precisely positioned.

Siemens’ extensive experience in cranes has led to an integrated and ergonomical sway control system. The systems corrections are smooth and optimized like a highly skilled crane driver would perform them. The result is an unmatched “natural feel” which is highly appreciated by crane drivers.

SIMOCRANE SC/CeSAR STS, GSU is suitable for the following crane types:

  • Container cranes (STS)

  • Grab ship unloader (GSU)

Integrated and standalone Sway Control Solutions for high operational reliability

Ship to Shore Container Cranes (STS)

Grab Ship Unloader (GSU)

- Manual mode
- Positioning mode
- Sway neutralization
- Semi-automatic mode
- Trim, list and skew control
- Skew damping

- Manual mode
- Positioning mode
- Semi-automatic mode
- Sway neutralization
- Flying unload

Working principle

The sway control system is based on calculations of a mathematical oscillation model. The hoisting height, swing angle and Skew angle are determined with camera by means of optical measurement. The camera, fitted to the trolley, continuously measures the load movements and Sway Control System calculates the speeds while the crane is travelling.

Different control algorithms can adapt the behavior to meet specific requirements like high productivity ot minimum stress on the crane construction. High efficiency algorithms ensure high operational reliability even in poor sight conditions.