Supervisor Terminal System

Increase terminal availability by clear 3D graphic overview

A system to automatically highlight equipment that has deviations from its expected status ensures continuous traffic in port terminals. An integrated overview of the terminal operation condition is key to assure a constant improvement in productivity.

Efficiency with smart data

A system to control operation status

In order to follow operation status, the system connects all of the individual Crane Management Systems (CMS) to a control station. Data from the connected CMS systems is consolidated into the supervisor systems database in a real time 3D-simuated environment. Thereby, the terminal can be presented in a user friendly and transparent efficient manner.

In the 3D environment cranes, trucks and containers are displayed. The position of the containers follows from the TOS system. Adequate supervision for top performance.

Greater availability, increased cost efficiency, and improved reliability

The Terminal Supervisor System assists to efficiently handle the high volume of moves, the ship to shore and horizontal transport. The system controls a large amount of information enabling quick action when there is a deflection of activities.

When there is an operating deviation, equipment alerts are visualized in the 3D terminal overview combined with audible sound to draw the supervisor attention. The supervisor will subsequently organize and assign the breakdown to the idle emergency crew, assists to locate and solve the deflection. In this way, the system contributes to make better use of the assets, labor and equipment, plan the workload, and get up to the minute information which allows for more timely and cost-effective decision making.

Top performance with adequate supervision
Siemens Terminal Supervisor System combines 3D Virtual Reality with Real Time status and diagnostics information to optimally support operation and maintenance.

Discover the intelligence behind the system

Communication system

Integrated systems

Asset location tracking

The desk is equipped with a directional sound system to ensure radio communication with all cranes and operators without disturbance to others.

The system allows access to several Terminal Operator Systems, Maintenance Planning Systems and Fleet management Systems.

Equipment and persons can be located and shown on the screens via positioning of cameras at any place. A 3D view vessel can be visualized indicating the exact docking location.

Ergonomics and health

Access to all cameras

Freely configurable screens

A electrical split-level desktop with the ability to adjust both parts of the desk in height, independently. The adjustable table allows each operator to choose an individual work position, e.g sitting or standing.

The supervisor can switch from 3D to 2D view mode at any time. The cameras are freely configurable from any position on the terminal. It is possible to replay previous activities at adjustable speeds.

The screens on the video wall are freely configurable. Changing screens is done by selecting the content on the tablet and swiping it to any other screen. Preconfigured scenarios enable a quick setup.