SIMOCRANE Basic Technology

Flexibility to ensure better results

Siemens sustains 90 years of world wide experience in a ready to run crane control solution which contains configurable standard function modules. These modules are integrated within a SIMOTION D controller: the most performant motion controller available on the market.

With SIMOCRANE we provide “off the shelf” proven technology to secure reliable crane performance, simple engineering and fast commissioning. Besides all the proven crane control solutions in SIMOCRANE you still have the flexibility to customize the solution to meet your requirements.

Reliable crane performance

Innovating the basic motion control for reliable crane performance

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology is a system comprising hardware and software packages to automate cranes. This supports you in obtaining the maximum performance from your crane application. The Basic Technology covers special motion control of all main drives such as hoisting gear, gantry, trolley gear, slewing gear, luffing gear, boom hoist, holding and closing gear of a crane.

Standard applications significantly reduce the engineering time.

Simple adaptation and expansion to address specific customer requirements.

One platform for all crane technologies allows various advanced crane technologies to be added, such as sway control.

Web based Tool - SIMOCRANE Web-Start meets the IT-trends.

One modular solution for all types of cranes

The features integrated in the new platform lie in getting the best productivity, flexibility and availability against lowest lifecycle cost and energy consumption out of each crane application.

New solution features
Based on this principle, all functions that have proven themselves in practice are also incorporated in the new SIMOCRANE Basic Technology. The latest requirements have also been taken for improving the solution.

New closed-loop control concept for synchronous operation and positioning with a time-optimized position controller.

Ability of adapting to customer-specific requirements, i.e. a package that permits.

“Ready-to-Run” - the solution only has to be parameterized.

“Ready-to-Apply” - can be adapted by the user.
Simple adaptation and expansion to address specific customer requirements.

The SIMOTION D motion control system is the technological basis, not only for Basic Technology, but also for Advanced Technology, like Sway Control.

A web based commissioning and diagnostic tool. SIMOCRANE WebStart provides customer a highlight of usability for this solution.