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SINAMICS accessories

With SINAMICS accessories, you increase the versatility of your SINAMICS converter when it comes to operating and controlling it in your application.

SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module

SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module

Web server-based operator control unit with wireless connection to the Client

Mobile commissioning, diagnostics and service

Using the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module, you can wirelessly connect your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to standard SINAMICS G120, G120C and G120P converters through a Wi-Fi connection. This provides you with a powerful tool packed with functions for wireless-based commissioning, diagnostics and service. You can set up the module in just a few steps. As a result of the web server function, additional software neither has to be installed nor downloaded. A standard web browser and a common operating system is sufficient. The user interface of the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module has a simple structure to facilitate intuitive operation.

The Smart Access Module is available as option for SINAMICS G120C, SINAMICS G120 with CU230P-2 or CU240E-2 Control Unit – as well as for SINAMICS G120P with CU230P-2.

  • Commissioning – mobile and clever

  • Motor testing - you can set and modify the motor Speed

  • Easy maintenance and diagnostics

  • All Parameters and settings at a glance

  • Converter data can be simply archived and distributed

SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel IOP-2

Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP-2) + IOP-2 Handheld

Intelligent operator panel directly connected to the converter

Local operation, monitoring, commissioning, diagnostics and service

The flat, low-profile Intelligent Operator Panel IOP-2 facilitates fast local commissioning, troubleshooting and intuitive operation of SINAMICS G converters – and simplifies changing settings in operation. The innovative central multifunction sensor control field supports users when they make their settings.

Three versions of the IOP-2 are available: directly plugged into the converter Control Unit, door-mounted for operation outside the control cabinet – or as IOP-2 handheld for cable-connected operation at locations that are difficult to access.

The IOP-2 is also available as option for the SINAMICS G120, G120C, G120P, G110D, G120D, G110M converters – as well as for SIMATIC ET 200pro FC-2.

  • High-contrast color display with various display options

  • Converters can be quickly commissioned in series

  • The Ethernet-based fieldbus interface is simple to configure

  • Product information about the actual drive system can be quickly accessed

  • Customer support can be directly contacted via the SIEMENS Industry Online Support App

  • A connection can be simply established to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) using a two-dimensional code (data matrix or QR code)

SINAMICS Basic Operator Panel BOP-2

SINAMICS Basic Operator Panel BOP-2

Basic operator panel directly connected to the converter

Local operation, monitoring, commissioning, diagnostics and service

The menu navigation and the 2-line display of the BOP-2 Basic Operator Panel simplify local commissioning of the standard SINAMICS G120, G120C and G120P converters. The drive can be simply commissioned as the parameter and parameter value are simultaneously displayed and there is a convenient parameter filter function – in fact, in most cases a printed parameter list is not required.

The BOP-2 is also available as option for SINAMICS G120 converters with
CU240B/E-2 or CU250S-2 Control Unit, SINAMICS G120P with CU230P Control Unit

  • Direct local operation of the drive

  • Simple switchover between automatic and manual operation

  • Series commissioning using the clone function

  • 2-line display for up to 2 process values with text

  • Menu-guided diagnostics with 7-segment display

  • Door mounting kit allows the panel to be installed in the control cabinet door (degree of protection that can be achieved, IP54/UL Type 12)

Additional supplementary system components

An overview of additional supplementary system components, e.g.

  • Memory cards

  • (Safe) Brake Relay

  • Blanking covers

  • Shield connecting kits and plates

  • Adapter for mounting on DIN mounting rails

  • PC converter connecting kit

Siemens Product Partner for Drives Options

In order to address as many customer requirements relating to drive technology as possible, in addition to its own products, Siemens also uses individual and supplementary products and services (e.g. output reactors, sine-wave filters, line filter/line reactors, braking resistors) from selected partners.