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As a machine builder and equipment supplier, you know that the requirements placed with regard to motors and drives are continuously increasing. And you are used to obtaining components from us, which allow you to fulfil these requirements. But the following also applies: Increased power respectively an enhanced functionality of our components open up new possibilities for you, which allow you to improve your products, plants and systems, offer your customers added value, and expand your market position.
This can, however, only be implemented at reasonable expense to a certain extent within a device generation. One day you will be confronted with limits which can no longer be surpassed using the existing technology, but require a new approach to be applied.
Regarding our proven MICROMASTER drives, this point has already been reached. We have therefore decided to replace the MICROMASTER drives by systems belonging to the current SINAMICS drives family.

MICROMASTER 420 Portlet Picture


MICROMASTER 430 Portlet Picture


MICROMASTER 440 Portlet Picture


for basic applications

Increase your safety and efficiency with SINAMICS G120C and SINAMICS G120

▪ Safety Integrated functionality

▪ PROFINET communication

▪ Graphic commissioning, Trace, TIA Portal

 SINAMICS G120 (1/3 AC 230 V) SINAMICS G120C (3 AC 400 V)

for pump and fan applications

Increase your performance and efficiency with SINAMICS G120P

▪ Extended pump, fan and compressor functions

▪ Robust and dynamic control procedures

▪ optional in degree of protection IP 55

 SINAMICS G120P (3 AC 400 V)

for highly complex applications

Increase your speed and efficiency with SINAMICS G120 and SINAMICS G120C

▪ Extended Safety Integrated functionality

▪ Integrated positioning function

▪ Integrated energy recovery function

▪ Copying of parameters via SD card

 SINAMICS G120C (3 AC 400 V) SINAMICS G120 (1/3 AC 230 V; 3 AC 400 V; 3 AC 600 V)

SINAMICS: The system-based advantages

You will become faster:

  • Simpler engineering with graphic commissioning, trace (oscilloscope function) and integration in the TIA Portal

  • Parameters are cloned instead of programming

  • Commissioning Wizard with optimized user prompting

You will become more flexible and perform better:

  • Wide range of hardware versions for various applications

  • Integrated DC link reactor (dependent on the frame size)

  • Standard USB interface to connect a PC

You will become safer and more efficient:

  • SINAMICS with Safety Integrated

  • Simple connection to the automation system and improved control response

  • Consequential cost reduction

  • High energy efficiency

  • Positioning technology function integrated in the drive (EPos)