Safety ES

One Program, Very Convenient: The Parameterization Software

Siemens - Modular Safety System ES

The parameterization software is a component of the modular safety system and replaces time-consuming wiring of individual functions via fast and simple parameter assignment. All function elements can be positioned using drag & drop. All functions – whether safety or logic functions – are available as blocks and can also be easily combined with each other.

The software enables the safety application to be tested by forcing. Outputs can be individually set in order to observe in advance the reaction of the downstream safety function. This simplifies and accelerates startup of the safety application.

In addition, the Safety ES V1.0 software is suitable as a reliable "diagnostics tool", since the status of each element and the entire interconnection can be observed online. In addition, the safety functions are well documented.


Advantages at a glance

  • Rapid parameter assignment
    In the software, you will find all the components and tools you require for configuring, diagnosing and starting up your application.

  • Simply connect
    Function blocks are provided for all functions. You only need to connect them with a click of the mouse button.

  • Convenient operation
    You can parameterize, operate, monitor and test your safety application using the intuitive, user-friendly user interface.