Safety Systems

Simple, Yet Safe

Today, system operators expect their machines to comply with all requirements regarding functional safety and to offer state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, they want the machines to be fit for future requirements. Safety technology products by Siemens comply with the latest safety standards and have been certified for international applicability. The SIRIUS portfolio by Siemens features two safe evaluation devices: Safety relays and the modular safety system. No programming knowledge is required for either of these two evaluation device ranges. The safety relays and the modular safety system by Siemens thus support you with the easy and rapid realization of safe machines.

SIRIUS 3SK Safety Relays

SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System

Implement local safety functions more easily, quickly, and efficiently – with SIRIUS 3SK Safety Relays.

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Implement safety functions up to SIL 3 and PL e flexibly and economically – with the SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System.

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SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays

Safe motion monitoring with SIRIUS 3TK28 speed and standstill monitors

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The SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays win first place in the GIT Award 2014 competition

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