SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System

Protective door monitoring and tumbler mechanism

The SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety relay makes effective protective door monitoring simple. Preconfigured modules can be used to parameterize protective door monitoring depending on the operating mode - for normal, service or fault case. This makes protective door monitoring really easy and increases plant productivity.


If materials have to be transported to or from a danger area for further processing,the openings of the access routes may be large enough that aperson can also reach into or go inside the danger area. The requirement is,on the one hand, to protect persons from injury when they enter into the danger area and,on the other hand, to allow materials to pass automatically without obstruction. For this purpose, aspecial safety circuit is used that monitors the opening to the danger area withnon-contact electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) and deactivates or "overrides" theprotective equipment temporarily.

The MSS supports the three most commonly used muting types:

  • 2-Sensor-Parallel Muting

  • 4-Sensor-Parallel Muting

  • 4-Sensor-Sequenzial Muting

Control of safety-related AS-i outputs

The MSS 3RK3 Advanced can control up to 12 different safety-related AS i outputs. For this purpose, switching commands are generated based on the safety logic within the MSS. These switching commands are each assigned an AS-i address and can be placed on the AS-i bus as broadcast signals. A broadcast signal is assigned to a safe AS-i output directly at the slave itself.

Slave-to-slave communication

With MSS Advanced it is possible to exchange signals between multiple MSSs via AS-Interface. The signals are assigned to the MSS stations by the MSS ES parameterization software on the respective MSS. In addition, higher-level safety-related shutdown commands, e.g., an emergency stop command from a system to switch off all safety cells, can be easily incorporated via AS-i.