Electronic Enabling Circuits

Siemens - SicherheitsschaltgerÃĪte mit elektronischen Freigabekreisen

Thanks to permanent function monitoring and low-wear operation, a considerably higher switching frequency and electrical lifetime are attained. The compact, low-weight device design also facilitates series connections or in-service switching, e.g. via a PLC. The units can be supplemented with expansion units of the 3TK2830 series.

Advantages at a glance

  • High switching frequency

  • Permanent, cyclic self test in sensor/actuator circuit

  • Long electrical lifetime

  • Sensor leads up to 2000 m

  • No wear due to electronic switching, means longer lifetime

  • Cascading and functional switching possible, e.g. via PLC

  • Resistant to vibrations and impurities

  • Approved for international markets