Machine safety has many facets - and is always a Job for SIRIUS 3SK.

The product portfolio of the 3SK family has been reduced by 80 percent compared with the predecessor range. This was made possible by the safety relays’ new multifunctionality. Today the type of sensor no longer plays a role because regardless of whether they’re mechanical or electronic, their fail-safe monitoring no longer requires different safety relays. So when you opt for SIRIUS 3SK, you’re investing in an extremely lean portfolio. Everyday safety applications can be implemented quickly and easily with 3SK1 safety relays, while 3SK2 relays are available for more critical safety applications.

3SK1 Basic units

3SK1 units can be parameterized using DIP switches on the device. When a sensor is actuated, this always triggers a fail-safe shutdown of all outputs on these basic Units.

The essential differences between the standard and advanced basic units are:

  • Modularity in the system design

  • Less wiring needed thanks to the device connector

3SK1 Standard Basic units

Is the number of outputs on the standard basic unit insufficient for your application? Or do you need special switching characteristics?

Then opt for flexible output expansion combinations, specifically matched to your requirements. The modular system design allows for adjustments at any time as needed.

The standard basic units offer easy handling and are available with relay and semiconductor outputs. They are simply connected to the sensors and actuators, after which the individual devices can be wired. This can be realized with special ease thanks to:

  • Cover cap labeling

  • Optimized operating angle

3SK1 Advanced basic units

Do you require even more functionality, flexibility, and convenience when installing safety functions?

The advanced basic units offer all the product features of the Standard basic units and also feature increased functionality and flexibility. Additional sensors can be connected via flexibly combinable input expansions. The advanced unit range offers exceptional ease of handling because the devices do not need to be wired together. The unique device connector is simply plugged in and operation can begin. This ensures rapid and convenient commissioning with no wiring faults.

The advenced basic units are available with time delay. The time delay setting is easy to adjust using the rotary encoding switch.

3SK2 basic units

Do you want to implement more complicated safety functions with typical SIRIUS simplicity?

If so, the new 3SK2 basic units are exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike the proven 3SK1 safety relays which fail-safe shutdown is always triggered simultaneously for all outputs the 3SK2 relays, the fail-safe outputs can be disconnected independently.

The 3SK2 units can be easily parameterized using software. Because the fail-safe outputs can be used freely, during parameterization it is possible to specify the sensor/s that will act on each individual output/s when they are actuated.

More Highlights of the 3SK2:

  • Efficient semiconductor outputs adaptable to different loads by setting parameters

  • Simple implementation of muting and protective door monitoring with interlock

  • Simple commissioning and diagnostics, which simplifies the software if more critical safety functions are required

Do you need multiple safety functions for your plant concept that selectively shut down parts of your plant?

With 3SK2, there are two unit variants available for this purpose:

The narrow 3SK2 basic unit provides up to 10 fail-safe Inputs.

The 45-mm-wide 3SK2 basic unit provides up to 20 fail-safe inputs.

Another highlight is its exchangeable memory module that facilitates the exchange of units. Status and diagnostic messages on the unit display also help reduce plant downtime and assist with troubleshooting.

Expansion units for the 3SK family

SIRIUS 3RM1 fail-safe Motor starter Output expansion

Would you like to safely switch small motors up to three kW in the 3SK1 system? If so, expand your basic unit with a SIRIUS 3RM1 fail-safe motor starter. Thanks to the new fail-safe motor starters, for the first time safety technology now meets classic control technology in the form of the fail-safe motor starters in the 3SK1 system.

The motor starters are available as fail-safe direct-on-line and reversing starters. They not only deactivate motors safely in conjunction with the safety relays but also protect them against overload. The motor starter also uses a low-wear and energy-efficient hybrid switching technology. Now devices from the main and control circuits can converge in an integrated safety relay system via device connectors.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Saves on Hardware

  • Reduces wiring and thus decreases the potential for Errors

  • Creates more space in the switchgear cubicle

4RO output extension

Is the number of outputs on the basic unit insufficient for your application?

If so, you can expand the basic unit with the 4RO contact expansion. This expansion features four relay outputs for switching currents up to five A.

3RO output extension

Do you require special switching characteristics?

Opt for contact expansion with three power relay outputs for switching high currents up to 10 A.

Expansion units for the 3SK1 Advanced family

Input extension

Does your application need more than one sensor?

Save on the number of basic units required with the 3SK1 advanced range. Instead of adding basic units, now all you need is one input extension.

The 24-V power supply provides voltage to up to six components – basic units and input or output extensions. It covers all control voltages commonly used worldwide from 110 to 240 V AC/DC: This means that the safety relays can be applied internationally.

Expansion units for the 3SK2 family

Diagnostic display 3SK2611-3AA00

Do you need help with troubleshooting in the event of a plant shutdown?

Then the diagnostic display in combination with the 3SK2 unit is the right solution for you. It shows you at a glance what sensors have been actuated. It also helps with the localization of plant faults, which saves you time and costs.