There are SIRIUS 3SK safety relays to match every application. They are especially well suited for implementing straightforward safety applications like:

  • Emergency stop

  • Protective door monitoring

  • Two-hand control units

  • Light grids and laser scanners

These safety relays are especially suitable for local safety applications. Where a simple solution without programming is required, you can quickly and easily set up a productive plant with these safety relays.

Safety relays lend themselves well to applications in both machines and plant buildings. They can be used wherever there is a need to protect people, the environment, or machines.

One example is protective door monitoring at a filling plant. This clearly illustrates how the detecting, evaluating and reacting safety chain functions using the safety relays.


Safety shutdown

You can implement safety applications like protective door monitoring very easily with SIRIUS 3SK Safety Relays.

Here you can see how this works in detail

Emergency stop

A single SIRIUS 3SK1 basic unit is sufficient for this purpose. Simply connect the emergency stop and actuator, set the parameters via the DIP switches, and it’s ready for Operation.

Safety applications with multiple safety functions

If multiple sensors are required for safety functions for example, emergency stop and magnetic switches for a protective door – SIRIUS 3SK1 advanced basic units can be easily extended with the corresponding number of input and output extensions.

Access monitoring through muting

More critical safety applications, such as non-contact access monitoring by means of muting, can be easily implemented with the new 3SK2 basic unit. Simply set the parameters using the intuitive PC software, which includes certified modules that require no programming knowledge.