SIRIUS M200D Motor Starters

Multi-functional and highly flexible

You are searching for the perfect solution in order to realize drive and automation tasks without using a cabinet? The robust and compact motor starters SIRIUS M200D are predestined for a distributed setup and reliably fulfill all automation requirements.

The choice is yours!

The device family SIRIUS M200D offers two options – Basic and Standard – for AS-Interface, as well as a version for PROFIBUS and PROFINET respectively. All of them start and protect your motor and other loads up to 5.5 kW, be it as direct-on-line or reverse starter, with mechanical or electronic switching, and optionally with brake control or local operation.

Familiarize yourself with the SIRIUS M200D's functionality in the following video:

Brief overview of SIRIUS M200D motor starters

SIRIUS M200D motor starters are the ideal solution for distributed use in the tough industrial environment. In the following film, experience the diverse possibilities of use of the M200D in various conveying applications.

Your benefits:

Avoid plant shutdowns and production outages and benefit from highest performance and flexibility – thanks to the various functions for motor protection, diagnostics and process monitoring as well as the motor starters’ compatibility with other drives products such as the G110D or G120D frequency converters and the ET 200pro distributed I/O system.

What you get as a result:
optimized processes in key industries like automotive or airports.