SIRIUS M200D Motor Starters

SIRIUS M200D for AS-Interface

You are looking for the perfect solution for simple drive tasks without control cabinet? Your goal is to avoid system downtimes and production losses while assuring maximum performance and flexibility? Siemens offers it all – with the SIRIUS M200D motor starters for AS-Interface. They allow for the easy and comfortable connection of powerful motor starters to a control system.

SIRIUS M200D for AS-Interface:

  • Robust and resistant to failures

  • Saves wiring efforts

  • Cost-favorable bus system for spatially expanded, communication-capable applications

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Flexible parameter assignment, extensive and precise diagnostic functions – these are only a few benefits of Totally Integrated Automation by Siemens (TIA). The SIRIUS M200D motor starter for PROFIBUS/PROFINET supports this idea. It offers even more functions, like e.g. the automatic parameter assignment in case of device replacement – or by using the commissioning software Motor Starter ES. What’s new is the data recording function (Trace) within this software, which allows for deep insights from the control system and increases the availability of the entire system. Preventive maintenance can be realized with the integrated maintenance timer. Thus, system downtimes will be prevented proactively.

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Benefits with communication-capable motor starters

  • Standardized connection with M12 plug reduces wiring efforts and prevents faults

  • Extensive diagnostic possiblities with system diagnostics (only PROFINET) and, in addition, by using data records (for AS-Interface, PROFIBUS, PROFINET): Up to 15 diagnostic messages can be read out for each starter

  • Flexible parameter assignment of all motor starter functions via bus – e.g. digital inputs and outputs, limit values for motor protection functions; for PROFIBUS/PROFINET even in STEP 7