Motor Starter ES

The "Motor Starter ES" engineering software supports you in parameterizing, commissioning and operating the ET 200pro motor starters throughout the entire lifecycle. Depending on requirements, the software can be ordered in three versions with different functionality:

  • Motor Starter ES 2007 Basic with local interface and basic functions for parameterization

  • Motor Starter ES 2007 Standard with expanded functionality and increased user-friendliness

  • Motor Starter ES 2007 Premium with local and PROFIBUS interface, as well as an interface for teleservice


Parameterization can be carried out via a serial device interface or via Profibus / Profinet. Thanks to the graphical operator interface and clear menu structure, parameterization is especially easy. Reparameterization during operation is also possible. This saves time.


Commissioning is facilitated by the option for testing and controlling motors.

Diagnostics / maintenance

The extensive diagnostics functions of the software enable the querying of statistics data such as operating hours, operating cycles, and trip currents. The individual motor starters can also be accessed via remote access. This allows preventive maintenance tasks to be performed and consequently increases plant availability.


SIMACTIC PCS 7 is an innovative process control system and the perfect basis for cost-effective systems. The block library of the ET 200pro motor starters for PCS 7 offers standardized blocks, which enable simple integration and optimum operation of production plants. Process transparency is increased by the higher information density in the control system.

TIA Selection Tool

Using the TIA Selection Tool, you can reap additional benefits when configuring the SIMATIC ET 200pro system:

  • Support when dimensioning the ET 200pro system

  • Simple creation of ordering lists, including accessories