Safety Integrated

With the ET 200pro motor starters, you can also shut down motors safely as desired. Two concepts are available for implementing safe shutdown.

Safety motor starter Solution local

The Safety Local isolator module in combination with the disconnecting module enables simple and safe shutdown of motors. No fail-safe controller is required with this solution. This is because a safety relay is integrated into the Safety Local isolator module as a fail-safe evaluation unit, which dispenses with the need for costly programming of a fail-safe controller. In addition, this solution functions independently of the higher control level.
This solution offers benefits in plant modernization and in locally limited safety applications. On the one hand, the Solution local can be simply integrated into existing safety loops when it comes to plant modernization. On the other hand, the Solution local is extremely good for locally limited safety applications.

Safety Solution PROFIsafe for motor starters

The Safety Solution PROFIsafe is the second option for fail-safe shutdown of motors in especially demanding safety applications that are networked together. With this concept, a fail-safe controller is connected with a DP interface module via PROFIsafe. This makes it possible to shut down motors safely via the combination of disconnecting module and motor starter module. This concept also allows more complex safety applications to be implemented.