Motor Starters ET 200pro

All ET 200pro motor starters start and protect motors up to 5.5 kW at 400 V AC. In addition, all ET 200 pro motor starters include integrated overload and short-circuit protection. They are available optionally as direct-on-line starters or reversing starters. Each motor starter can, if required, also be equipped with a brake control.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cost reductions in configuring and installation thanks to pre-wired load feeders

  • Rugged thanks to high degree of protection

  • Flexible thanks to modular concept of the SIMATIC ET 200pro

The individual motor starter versions differ in their switching technology. You reap the benefits of the different versions according to the application:

Standard motor starters

This motor switches electromechanically with conventional contactors, which provides benefits during operation since it has a positive effect on power loss. The standard motor starter is only available in trip class 10, which enables quick and easy parameterization.

High-feature motor starters

Electromechanical high-feature motor starters

Compared to the standard version, the electromechanical high-feature motor starter has four additional digital inputs and expanded parameterization options. This enables the use of local control functions, and the monitoring of current limits, thus facilitating handling direct on-site, and minimizing plant shutdowns. Another highlight of the high-feature motor starter are the parameterizable trip classes. The right trip class can be parameterized to suit the application and the operating conditions of the motor.

Electronic high-feature motor starters

Looking for a solution for high switching frequencies, or a motor starter with soft start function?

Then the electronic high-feature motor starter is the right solution. Not only does it have the same basic features as the electromechanical motor starter, but it has additional benefits when it comes to high switching frequencies: It switches without wear and tear thanks to electronic switching using semiconductors. This increases plant availability and reduces maintenance times when high switching frequencies are required in an application. In addition, this motor starter version has an integrated soft starter and smooth ramp-down function. This function can be activated via the Step 7 software or the stand-alone program Motor Starter ES 2007.

Isolator module

Do you have to disconnect individual motor starters or motor starter groups easily from the main circuit?

If so, the maintenance switch is the right solution. This is because it facilitates maintenance work. The maintenance switch also protects individual motors or entire motor starter groups against short-circuit depending on the design. The maintenance switch can be integrated direct into the ET 200pro system here. This configuration increases plant availability and transparency in distributed drive solutions.

Disconnecting module

Like the idea of fail-safe shutdown of your motors to protect personnel and machinery in the field?

The solution: simply combine the standard or high-feature motor starter with the disconnecting module. By combining a Safety Local isolator module or a fail-safe controller with an interface module, fail-safe shutdown of the motors is enabled. In this way, the disconnecting module safely shuts down individual motor starters or motor starter groups in a hazardous situation.

Safety Local isolator module

Looking for a solution for locally limited safety applications where motors in the field have to be shut down safely?

Then the Safety Local isolator module in combination with a disconnecting module is the right solution. This combination allows Safety Integrated Level to SIL 3 and Performance Level to PL e in accordance with IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1. You thus achieve a safe machine simply and direct on-site. And all that without costly programming or parameterization as a safety relay is installed in the Safety Local isolator module.