Motor Starter Protectors

The new 3RV2 motor starter protectors are compact, current limiting motor starter protectors which are optimized for load feeders. The motor starter protectors/circuit breakers are used for switching and protecting three-phase motors of up to 37 kW at 400 V AC and for other loads with rated currents of up to 80 A.


Switching with SIRIUS means high contact reliability, prolonged endurance and usability in extreme conditions.

Link modules

For easy assembly of load feeders, comprising circuit breakers (motor or starter protection) and other SIRIUS switching devices from the modular system, such as contactors, soft starters or semiconductor switching devices, link modules are available which can be used to combine the devices with spring-loaded or screw-type connections at lightning speed.

Overload and monitoring relays

SIRIUS 3RU, 3RB overload relays or 3RR2 monitoring relays can also be directly integrated in the load feeder by fitting them to the contactor - for even better system monitoring.

Function modules

The function modules for mounting onto contactors enable the assembly of starters and contactor assemblies for direct-on-line, reversing and wye-delta starting without any additional, complicated wiring of the individual components. They include the key control functions required for the particular feeder, e. g. timing and interlocking, and can be connected to the control system by either parallel wiring or through IO-Link or AS-Interface.

SIRIUS function modules 3RA27

SIRIUS 3RA27 function modules for IO-Link connect starters to the higher-level controller quickly and simply. Direct starters, reversing starters, or star delta starters are assembled by simply plugging onto SIRIUS 3RT2 contactors with a communication interface.

SIRIUS function modules 3RA28

Simply by being plugged in place, the SIRIUS function modules enable different functionalities required for the assembly of starters to be realized in the feeder. The function modules and wiring kits thus help to reduce the wiring work within the feeder practically to zero.

Infeed system

The 3RV29 infeed system enables user-friendly energy supply and distribution of several circuit breakers or complete load feeders with screw-type connections and spring-loaded terminals in the sizes S00 and S0.