The ET 200SP motor starter up to 5.5 kW – with standard and safety functions

The SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O system stands for innovative and highly flexible plant control. With the ET 200SP motor starter up to 5.5 kW and its safety version, the system is now complete. Whether for controlling, switching, starting or monitoring, you can rely on the ET 200SP motor starter. It delivers convincing results, offering high performance despite a compact design. As a result, you save even more space in the control cabinet and benefit from versatile functionality when monitoring your plant.

Good reasons to choose the ET 200SP motor starter:

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Wide power range for motors up to 5.5 kW

High degree of flexibility when it comes to safety applications thanks to shutdown via SIMATIC F-CPU or SIRIUS 3SK safety relay

Geringer Platzbedarf

Economical thanks to low module variance

Faster configuration in the TIA Portal

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Lower plant costs thanks to quick installation and wiring

Easy module interchangeability means increased plant availability

More space in the control cabinet thanks to a module width of just 30 mm

Faster maintenance thanks to automatic parameter uploading

For which applications is the ET 200SP motor starter ideal?

Flexible in use

Using the ET 200SP motor starter, you reliably monitor your plant, you switch off a load or you switch a set of points. In a diverse range of applications – be it logistics systems or production machines and machine tools – you can rely on the motor starters' performance and on optimum protection of your motors and loads.

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Conveyor systems


Pump applications


Gas discharge lamps and heaters

When starting 3-phase motors such as 400 V induction motors for drives in conveyor systems, the motor starter reliably protects against overload and short-circuit.

Your advantage:
you benefit from high plant availability and can make diverse use of load feeders.

When starting single-phase motors such as 230 V motors for pump applications, the motor starter protects against overload and short-circuit.

Your advantage:
thanks to parameterization in TIA Portal, there is no need for complex wiring for single-phase motors

The motor starter assists you with current value measurement when operating gas discharge lamps and heaters. The motor starter's maintenance function allows you to perform preventive maintenance and monitoring of your application.

Your advantage:
you benefit from high availability and maintain your plant efficiently.

Easy installation

Benefit from installation of the SIMATIC ET 200 family's tried and tested functions. Here also, the push-in connection system allows you to perform wiring easily and without tools. Depending on the operating voltage and the application area, you can connect several motor starters to the main circuit via the infeed module. See for yourself

Smooth commissioning

Once in operation, the ET2000SP motor starter provides extensive diagnostic and alarm status displays. The LED displays on the unit's front show you the current operating status.
See for yourself here – step by step.

Safety Integrated

Stay highly flexible when configuring your safety application, whether you're using a SIMATIC F-CPU or a SIRIUS 3SK safety relay.

Shutdown via SIMATIC F-CPU

Be on the safe side, even in complex applications, with shutdown via SIMATIC F-CPU, whether for individual or group shutdown. This safety solution offers you the highest degree of flexibility when it comes to shutting down. What is more, you can write the entire F program in the TIA Portal.

Local shutdown via SIRIUS 3SK safety relays

Simply build this safety solution around your application. Use your existing system with the standard CPU to easily achieve group shutdown of your fail-safe motor starters.

Integrated engineering

Once it has been installed and wired, you can connect the ET200SP motor starter to the controller in TIA Portal without the need for programming and can parameterize it with ease. Even setting the correct current in the parameterization window suffices to start your application.


Thanks to communication interfacing via PROFINET, the ET 200SP motor starter detects faults early on, guaranteeing you fault-free operation. See for yourself.

Motor blocking protection
Fast shutdown if the plant is mechanically blocked

Residual current detection
Early fault signaling in the event of an open circuit

Exact stopping of plant, even at a high speed

Elevating table limit position disconnection
Smooth sequence by means of independent motor shutdown