SIRIUS 3RA61, 62 Compact starters

The SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters can easily be combined with SIRIUS circuit-breakers of size S00/S0 via 3-phase busbars, for example.

Advantages at a glance

  • Compact design offers enormous savings in space and wiring in the control cabinet

  • Spring-loaded and screw-type connection technology enables extremely flexible use

  • Removable terminals (permanent wiring) facilitate mounting and replacement

  • A wide variety of applications up to 32 A (approx. 15 kW / 400 V) can be implemented with only 3 wide voltage ranges and 5 wide setting ranges

  • Wide voltage and setting ranges keep the number of variants low (only 5 different variants for the range up to 32 A)

  • Optional "control kits" make wiring and testing of the direction of rotation of the motor easy, even prior to commissioning

  • Convenient auto reset after overload as well as clearly differentiated overload and short-circuit signaling

  • High plant availability ensured by integrated functionality such as welding protection of main contacts and switch-off at end of service life

Infeed Systems for SIRIUS 3RA6

For highly efficient power distribution

The SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter makes use of a fully pre-wired infeed system with screw-type or spring-loaded connections in the main circuit. The PE bar is already integrated so that the motor cable can be connected direct to the power distribution system thus reducing engineering overhead and space and wiring requirements.

SIRIUS circuit-breakers can also be integrated via a special adapter into the SIRIUS 3RA6 infeed system. If you wish to combine the SIRIUS 3RA6 infeed system with the latest SIRIUS 3RV19 infeed system, you simply need the optional expansion plug for quick and easy connection.

The associated 3RA6 infeed system forms an ideal basis for uniform and convenient power infeed and distribution.

Advantages at a glance

  • Minimized wiring in the main circuit

  • Pluggable for extremely simple installation and removal of the SIRIUS compact starters

  • Direct connection of the motor outgoing feeder cable via integral PE bar possible

  • Removable terminals extremely facilitate replacement of SIRIUS compact starters – without having to disconnect the main circuit wiring

  • Connection and loop-through of infeed cables up to a cross-section of 70 mm²

  • Plug-in expansion modules and additional slots offer flexible expansion options up to a width of 1.2 meters

  • Harmonious interaction of all SIRIUS switchgear components thanks to perfect integration

Assembly infeed-system

The SIRIUS Modular System is easily connected via the SIRIUS 3RA68 and 3RV29 Infeed Systems. Individual circuit breakers, complete load feeders as well as Compact Starters are simply clicked into the infeed systems. Alternatively, conventional wiring is also possible via parallel wiring, 3-phase comb busbar or 8US busbar adaptor.