SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starter with new Safety function

In the movie you may see how easy it is to shut down individual motor starters or entire motor starter groups safely with SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starters in combination with a F-PLC.

Trade fair video: Start-up with a small footprint

Getting started in the smallest of spaces is really easy with the SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starter. The following film shows how much space can be saved compared with conventional relay-contactor assemblies. It also shows the additional benefits offered by the new motor starters.

Space savings

Getting started in minimum space is really easy with the SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starter. This animation shows you just how much space can be saved in comparison to conventional relay/contactor assemblies.


Infeed system

This animation shows you how simple infeed in the main circuit can be with the SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starter. It is particularly simple to implement group assemblies with just one motor starter protector. And it is also really easy to remove or replace individual motor starters with this infeed system.


Adjustment range

This animation shows how easy it is to adjust the SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starter to the respective motor current in the relevant adjustment range. This enables you to be particularly flexible when it comes to configuring and planning, and when replacing the motor.


Hybrid Switching Technology

SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters are extremely efficient as their operation is based on hybrid switching technology. The combination of relay and solid-state switching technology is unique and offers the advantages of both technologies.


Exchanging terminals

No more replacing devices when a terminal is defective! The innovative housing design for the SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays makes it possible to replace a defective terminal individually: just open the cover flap, detach the wiring of the terminal, push up the terminal fastener and remove the defective terminal. Then snap the new terminal into the fastener, reconnect the wires and close the cover flap. Done! The rest of the wiring stays just as it is, saving both time and effort.


Covering and labeling terminals

Wiring of the sensors and actuators is child's play. The individual terminals are labeled on the cover caps. The labeling is easily visible so wiring can be completed quickly. Each device is additionally labeled with 2D code. That facilitates identification and documentation with the help of 2D readers or a smartphone.


Screw connection

Something good is now even better: All SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays and SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starters are available with optimized screw connections. The insertion angles for wiring and screwing have been adjusted so that wires and screwdrivers can be inserted into the terminals from the same direction - everything is easily visible.


Spring-loaded connection

There's a new way to make wiring easier: All SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays and SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starters are also optionally available with spring-loaded connections that can be wired to the sensors and actuators without a tool. Simply insert the wire by hand at an easy-to-see angle in the terminal and you're done. The terminal operation for detaching the wiring is performed at the same angle.



Here's how to protect your device settings and system against unwanted access: SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays can be secured with a lead seal covering and a lead seal wire on the front side. This prevents a displacement of the rotary coded switch setting and changes to the DIP switch position on the safety devices.