Safety Integrated

Upon request, SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters are available with safety function. They can be flexibly combined with fail-safe controls.

SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starter with new Safety function

In the movie you may see how easy it is to shut down individual motor starters or entire motor starter groups safely with SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starters in combination with a F-PLC.

The SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starter capability for integration in the system of newly-innovated SIRIUS 3SK1 safety relays is a special highlight. This allows for extremely easy realization of safety-related disconnection.

Upon request, the direct-on-line and reversing starters are also available with safety function. Functionally speaking, the motor starter accommodates one contactor for each switching direction, one overload relay and one contactor for redundant assembly. All this in a width of only 22.5 mm.

The SIRIUS 3RM1 Failsafe motor starter provides the following advantages over a conventionally wired motor feeder:

  • Compact: Width of only 22.5 mm

  • Simple: Fewer components and less wiring

  • Efficient: Rapid wiring and minimized faults

AllĀ  motor starters with safety function are ATEX-certified, thanks to which they can be used in hazardous areas.