Tailored Starters for Your Motors

The new motor starters have certification in accordance with SIL3/ Pl 3 Cat. 4.

The motor starters are available in the main versions direct-on-line and reversing starters.

They are also available in standard or fail-safe versions.

The motor starters are available with screw-type, spring-loaded and mixed connections. With mixed connections, you profit from the benefits of the screw-type and spring-loaded connections which simplify wiring in the main circuit as well as in the control circuit.

All motor starters are available for the following motor power ratings:

  • 0 to 0,12 kW

  • 0,09 to 0,75 kW

  • 0,55 to 3 kW

Adjustment range

Thanks to their wide setting range, they offer outstanding flexibility in terms of planning, commissioning and redesign. All motor starters are available with the following wide setting ranges:

  • 0,1 to 0,5 A

  • 0,4 to 2,0 A

  • 1,6 to 7,0 A

This animation shows how easy it is to adjust the SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starter to the respective motor current in the relevant adjustment range. This enables you to be particularly flexible when it comes to configuring and planning, and when replacing the motor.

Direct-On-Line Starter

The direct-on-line starter is the most commonly employed version. The motor starter ensures reliable motor connection and disconnection. As a result, the motor always either rotates in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. In addition, it protects the motors against overload. Functionally speaking, the compact motor starter accommodates one contactor and one overload relay.

Reversing Starter

Reversing starters are sometimes required for drive technology applications. Also this application can be realized with the motor starter. It supports the functional switching of motors in various directions of rotations. Functionally speaking, the compact motor starter accommodates two contactors and one overload relay. Whether direct-on-line or reversing starter – the motor starter's width never exceeds 22.5 mm.

Circuit breaker module for motor starters

The 3RM19 circuit breaker module extends the application range of the 3RM motor starter to include mounting on busbar systems and mounting rails. This means that users who use exclusively busbar systems can also use the 2RM1 motor starter. The new module can also be combined with all motor starters of the 3RM1 series. The easily exchangeable circuit breakers also offer protection for the motor and cables connected to the motor starter. Different adapters enable use of the 3RM19 circuit breaker module in all 60 mm busbar systems as well as contact busbar systems and support rails.