From SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.4, AS-Interface modules by Siemens can be configured in your system with even greater comfort. STEP 7 comprises a slave selection dialog via which the modules are integrated in the respective S7 project with a mouse-click. All slave-specific profile settings (I/O and ID codes) are automatically carried out. The modules are parameterized via selection lists in plain text, doing away with the search for parameter bits in the operating instructions. A comprehensive module description text eases system documentation.


The MSS ES parameterization software forms a central part of the modular safety system (MSS) and supports the rapid and easy parameterization of safety functions as well as comprehensive diagnostics options.


The ASIMON PC software serves the configuration of the AS-Interface safety monitor. Vie the software's online function, the current state of the configured logic blocks can be read out on site and monitored in the fully graphical diagnostics view. The green/yellow/red color changeover of the blocks and connection lines provides the desired status information in an intuitive manner. This function offers valuable advantages particularly in terms of commissioning and troubleshooting.

The ASIMON V3 software offers numerous further user benefits, including fully graphical circuit diagram generation of the safety logics in transparent window technology, safe coupling of two AS-i networks, filtering of short-term one-channel interruptions in the sensor circuit, management of user- specific blocks, graphics printout of the safety logics, gradual teaching or manual entry of the ASIsafe code tables, freely selectable index assignment for integrated PLC diagnostics, immediate state signaling of relay outputs to the PLC and many further valuable functions.


AS-Interface provides comprehensive diagnostics data which can be effortlessly and immediately read out by the SIMATIC STEP 7 system. These data can be interconnected in the STEP 7 program for responding to system states and/or output on an operator panel for rapid fault rectification.

For this purpose, a fully functioning package of function blocks for S7-300/400/1200 and pre-defined screens for the color graphic displays in 6", 8" (10") and 15" version are available. The screens can be scaled via WinCC for other monitor sizes. The graphics comprise the diagnostics of AS-i master and slaves.


STEP 7 V5.5 / WinCC flexible

The following AS-i masters and links are supported:

  • DP/AS-i Link Advanced

  • DP/AS-i Link 20E

  • DP/AS-i F-Link

  • IE/AS-i Link PN IO

  • CP343-2 (P)

STEP 7 V11 SP2 / WinCC V11 SP2

The following AS-i masters and links are supported:

  • CM1243-2

  • CP343-2 (P)

Web server AS-i diagnostics with user-specific websites

SIMATIC controllers with an integrated PROFINET interface offer web server functionality and enable diagnostics from any location via an Industrial Ethernet Network. Any web client, such as a PC, Multi Panel or PDA, can obtain read-access to module, program and diagnostic data from a standard internet browser. User-specific websites allow users to implement a continuous-diagnostics concept.

You can find website templates and application descriptions here.

Block Library for PCS 7

The AS-Interface block library for PCS 7 can be integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, expanding it by the option of AS-Interface system integration