How to utilize the saving potentials of AS-Interface also for safety technology?

ASIsafe makes it happen. The safety-related version of AS-Interface facilitates the transmission of standard and safe data on one and the same bus system – TÜV-certified, up to PL e / Cat. 4 or SIL 3. No other supplier offers ASIsafe in such a scalable degree: From small safety islands to system-wide Safety Integrated architectures with superior safe PLC.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Direct integration of safety-related components (e.g. EMERGENCY-STOP, protective door) in the AS-Interface network

  • The MSS supports the implementation of safety-related functions independently of the controller or also facilitates full integration in the safety control system using the SIMATIC AS-i F-Links.

  • Attainable safety level up to PL e / Cat.4 / SIL 3

  • Full compatibility with all other AS-Interface components in accordance with IEC 62026-2

ASIsafe Solution PROFIsafe: SIMATIC AS-i F-Link

The modular SIMATIC AS-i Links based on ET 200SP enables AS interface networks to be easily connected fail-safe to safety controllers such as SIMATIC or SINUMERIK. With the SIMATIC AS-i F-Links, the advantages of AS-i can also be utilized in complex safety applications. They facilitate the application of AS-Interface, for example under fail-safe SIMATIC or SINUMERIK controls. Acting as links in bus-based safety technology, they support the ASIsafe telegrams' transfer to the PROFIsafe protocol – in both directions. As usual, the detection of safe signals is realized by means of rugged ASIsafe slaves. The safe data are processed in the control in parallel with the standard data's processing. As a result of safe processing, the control issues safety-related disconnection commands which are transmitted to the safe actuators, e.g. motor starters, via PROFIsafe. Furthermore, the safety-related signals can be further processed back on the ASIsafe level, for example for the disconnection of safe AS-i outputs in load feeders.

SIMATIC AS-i F-Link - based on SIMATIC ET 200SP:

  • For large quantity structures of safe sensors and actuators

  • For expansive and complex safety logics

  • For a large number of safety-related disconnection circuits

  • For safety-related further processing on the superior field bus level


ASIsafe Solution Local: 3RK3 Modular Safety System and Safety Monitor

The ASIsafe Solution Local requires only few components: An MSS or a safety monitor and safe slaves. Neither fail-safe PLC nor special masters are required. The MSS monitors safe sensors (e.g. EMERGENCY-STOP), evaluates them in accordance with its parameterized safe logics and ensures their safe disconnection. Disconnection is realized in a distributed manner via ASIsafe in connection with safe AS-i outputs or via safe outputs integrated in the device.

MSS and safety monitors represent the best choice:

  • with medium and small quantity structures of safe slaves,

  • with a small number of safe disconnection circuits

  • when safety technology and safety-related processing are to be separated from the superior field bus level or control in a targeted manner

  • with a manageable number of safe logical interconnections