ASIsafe Solution local

The "small solution" featuring the SIRIUS 3RK3 (MSS) Modular Safety System enables systematic separation of safety and control technology. Operational control is handled centrally, as usual, by a standard PLC. The safety functions run quickly, locally and independently in the modular safety system.

ASIsafe Solution PROFIsafe

The "big solution" combines both standard and safety engineering in one F PLC. The SIMATIC AS-i F links ensure transparent exchange of standard and safe data between PROFIsafe and ASIsafe in both directions.

ASIsafe Solution PROFIsafe in combination with the MSS:

This solution combines rapid implementation of the safety functions locally in the MSS without additional bus runtimes by pooling standard and safety engineering in a central F PLC.

  • ASIsafe Solution PROFIsafe and ASIsafe Solution local are combined with each other in a targeted manner

  • Within the safety cell, the MSS ensures fast, autonomous detection and safety-related disconnection with minimum delay times independently of the superior control

  • Safe data exchange between the safety cells is ensured via the safe control and the SIMATIC AS-i-F-Links, e.g. MSS in cell 1 safely communicates with MSS in cell 2 and 3

  • Furthermore, global E-STOP signals of the superior control can be integrated for the connection of all safety cells