Power Supply Units and Data Decoupling Modules

The power supply units centrally supply the AS-i network and the connected slaves with energy. They form an integral part of an AS-Interface network and, in combination with data decoupling, facilitate the simultaneous transmission of data and energy on the same two- wire line.

Masters for the SIMATIC

AS-Interface networks can be very comfortably directly connected to the SIMATIC control or Distributed I/0s. For this purpose, so-called CPs or CMs are available. Integration is just as easy as with other expansion modules of SIMATIC by Siemens.

System components and Accessories

Our portfolio of system components comprises products for AS-i network analysis, AS-i slave addressing as well as range extension. Numerous further accessory components such as distributors, M12 feeders, mounting plates and cable end pieces complete the product portfolio and support a very easy and flexible assembly of the entire AS-i system.


Depending on your individual requirements, you can chose between the "small" ASIsafe Solution local and cell- spanning, system-wide ASIsafe integration with the help of the SIMATIC AS-i F-Link as gateway between ASIsafe and PROFIsafe beneath a fail-safe control.