I/O Modules for Operation in the Field

For operation in the field we have a wide range of compact modules in various widths K20, K45, K60. They are available in high protection and are therefore suitable for use in the field.

K60 Compact Modules of protection IP65/67

Like all compact modules for AS-Interface, the digital K60 compact modules for AS-Interface are characterized by optimized handling and user friendliness. As a result, users benefit from significantly reduced mounting and commissioning times. The K60 modules' ease of mounting is realized with a mounting plate which accommodates the AS-Interface shaped cable. Addressing of the K60 modules is realized via an integrated addressing socket.

K60R Compact Modules of protection IP68/69R

The K60R compact module features a round cable connection and comes in particularly high degree of protection IP68/69K. This design, which supports operation under permanently increased loads caused by humidity, opens up numerous practical options for application in particularly humid environments, e.g. filling systems, machine tools and applications in the food, beverages and tobacco industry. Even high-pressure cleaners can be used.

K60 Analog modules in IP65/67

The analog modules of the K60 compact range support on-site analog signal detection and supply and can be integrated in AS-Interface just as easily as digital modules. The devices offer the classical advantages of the digital K60 modules. Up to four values can be detected via one module. Different versions for the detection of current, voltage and temperature are offered.

K60 Data Couplers in IP67

Multiple AS-i networks are frequently employed in larger systems. For this purpose, the AS-i data coupler in IP67 facilitates easy data exchange between two AS-i networks. It contains two separate AS-i slaves. Each of the two slaves is connected to one of the two AS-i networks respectively. This way, four AS-i bits can be transferred in a bidirectional manner from one AS-i network to the other without "detours" via the superior bus system and the control.

K45 Compact Modules in IP65/67

The K45 compact modules represent the ideal supplementation of the K60 compact modules, which have proven their advantages in countless industrial applications. The K45 modules feature all benefits of the K60 modules – in a considerably smaller design! With their narrow footprint and low installation depth, they have become a classic solution for finely modular I/O connection in the field.

K20 Compact Modules in IP 65/67

The K20 compact modules represent with a width of only 20 mm and an extremely small footprint. Besides factory automation applications, the K20 compact modules are ideal for use under confined space conditions, e.g. in handling system and robot applications. They are available with 4 inputs, 2 inputs / 2 outputs, 4 inputs / 4 outputs or 4 outputs.

Depending on the respective version, sensors and actuators can be connected via M8 or M12 sockets. The modules' easy connection to the AS-Interface bus is realized via compact M12 feeders in AS-Interface design. The new K20 modules also offer maximum flexibility and comfort in terms of mounting and addressing.