SIMATIC AS-i F-Link - based on SIMATIC ET 200SP
AS-i safety solution now available for fail-safe controllers

Simple design, connectivity and expandability

SIMATIC AS-i F-Links can be connected via PROFIBUS (SIMATIC DP AS-i F-Link) as well as PROFINET (SIMATIC PN / AS-i F-Link)
They allow the connection of AS-i (ASIsafe) networks and their connected actuators and sensors on PROFIBUS and PROFINET (PROFIsafe) based safety controllers.
The ET 200SP distributed I/O system serves as the basis for the SIMATIC DP / AS-i F-Link and the CM AS-i Master ST and F-CM AS-i Safety ST I/O modules. Thanks to their modular design, the AS-i networks can thus be flexibly expanded with safety-related communication without additional wiring. The standard and safe data communication is performed with full transparency in both directions.

And there is more: SIMATIC AS-i F-Link also allows scalable configuration of single and multiple networks for small to complex plants. Users do not need separate devices. The AS-i master plus safety module can be directly connected to the head station. In this way, existing I/O modules of the ET 200SP and AS-i can be freely combined on one and the same station. The DP / AS-i F-Link can thereby be configured for the scale required by the application, from single master to multi-master. With the ET 200SP head station, up to eight standard or five fail-safe AS-i networks can be managed in this way.

Connection to fail-safe controllers

Safe AS-i networks can be connected not only to the SIMATIC S7300F and S7-1500F, but also to the SINUMERIK 860D sl. You can easily and economically implement a safety solution for machine tools.

Effective engineering

The configuration of the AS-i Link (standard and fail-safe) is similar to that for the SIMATIC controller with STEP 7 or in the TIA Portal:  Configuration of the SIMATIC and the AS-i network with a single software package. 
Multiple AS-i networks

User-friendly diagnostics

In addition to the clear, fast system design and accelerated engineering, the new AS-i F-Link solution provides user-friendly diagnostics. Detailed diagnostics messages are generated for service scenarios with automatic alarms on the HMI panel or through the device status in the user program.