Position Switches SIRIUS 3SE5, 3SE2, 3SE3 (Standard)

Easy plug-in method for fast replacement of the actuator heads

Simple plug-in mounting for fast replacement of the drive heads.

The position switches score on standardized design and functionality. These facilitate selection of the right switches, also simplifying storage, installation and wiring. Our position switches are also convincing in just about all applications thanks to a host of new features:

  • Detection of hazardous machine part movements

  • Monitoring of protective devices with rotary joints such as swing doors, flaps, covers etc.

  • Monitoring of laterally sliding protective devices, such as sliding doors, protective guards, etc.

  • Faster and more accurate position sensing using short stroke element

Position switches, standard


The position switches score on compact design and modularity. The modularity is characterized by the fact that any enclosure can be combined with any drive. The position switches are available both as complete units and as modular systems.

Position switches also suitable for safety applications if they are marked with positive opening identifiers.

Complete unit

Frequently demanded complete units are offered both in plastic and metal enclosures.

Position switches, modular

The right solution comprising basic switch and drive can be selected with the modular system. Short installation times are guaranteed thanks to fast replacement of the drive heads.

Advantages at a glance

  • Modular design offers high flexibility and low warehousing costs

  • Diverse combination options thanks to different contact elements, pulleys and plugs

  • Quick-connect technology reduces mounting times by up to 25 % with 31 mm plastic position switches

Position switches, compact design

The compact position switches with metal enclosure specialize in:

  • Harsh environmental conditions IP67

  • Limited space conditions

All compact position switches are pre-assembled with molded cable of 2 or 5 m length. The switches are also available with M12 plug connectors.

Advantages at a glance

  • Time savings in installation because already wired

  • Available in different drive versions

  • Impervious to electromagnetic interference

Position switches, open type

The open-type switches are suitable for restricted installation conditions in the control cabinet to IP20. They are equipped with two or three contact elements in the versions snap-action, slow-action or slow-action with overlapping.

Advantages at a glance

  • Increased abrasion resistance thanks to metal plunger enables two directions of approach:
    - Stroke direction
    - Lateral actuation at an angle of 30 degrees

Position Switches with Separate Actuator

The position switches are used for safeguarding doors and covers. The switch is secured on the door frame, and the actuator is secured on the door. Thanks to the combination of switch and multiple-coded actuator, the position switches have optimal tamper protection. In the secure state – in other words, when the protective door is closed – it forces the positive opening of the NC contacts.

Advantages at a glance

  • Tamper protection possible thanks to a host of coded actuators

  • Integrated ASIsafe electronics in the enclosure

  • Fast on-site diagnostics thanks to LED display

Position Switches with Tumbler

If a locking mechanism for a protective door is required for securing the operating area of a robotic system, for example, position switches with separate actuators and additional electromagnetic solenoid interlocking are used. These ensure that the protective door is kept shut until it is safe to enter the operating area.

Advantages at a glance

  • Increased safety and reliability due to high locking forces: 2600 N (metal enclosure); 1300 N (plastic enclosure)

  • Space savings in the control cabinet due to integration of ASIsafe and low current consumption
    ≤ 170 mA due to direct connection to the As-i network

  • Various additional unlocking variants ensure the right solution for all applications
    - Auxiliary release / with lock
    - Escape release
    - Emergency release

  • Minimized storage overhead made possible by limited 2x3 contact variance

  • Tamper protection possible thanks to a host of coded actuators

Hinge Switches

The range of hinge switches with hollow or solid shafts supplements the range of position switches for monitoring swing doors and flaps. The solid keyed connection between the switch and safety door hinge provides maximum protection against tampering.

Advantages at a glance

  • Tamper-proof monitoring of flaps and doors

  • Simple mounting using models with integrated hinges

  • Safe shutdown and reporting from a switching angle as low as 10 degrees

  • Integrated ASIsafe electronics in the enclosure