Connection with AS-Interface: system-wide flexibility

SIRIUS detecting devices are suitable for networked systems within your plant. A host of switches can be connected via AS-Interface. This keeps you flexible – even in large, wide-ranging plants. The operating state is indicated via the LED display on the AS-i devices. This facilitates troubleshooting and saves time.

Advantages at a glance

Our new generation of switches enables simple and fast connection to the AS-i network thanks to:

  • Integration of ASIsafe

  • a M12 connector is used for connection to the AS-Interface system

  • Direct integration of the safety position switch with tumbler into the AS-i network means that the data cable has a current requirement of just ≤ 170 mA

Position switches and safety switches with AS-i

The entire range of position switches is available as 3SF1 position switches with integral ASIsafe electronics:

  • Standard position switches

  • Position switches with separate actuator

  • Position switches with tumbler

  • Hinge switches

The 3SF1324-...-1BA4 position switches are optimally suited to series connections for protective door tumblers. As well as the ASIsafe standard, it complies with the high safety category SIL 2 / PL d and is equipped with special logic: the operator receives feedback from solenoids and now no longer has to open the protective door specially after unlocking the solenoids to bring the machine or plant back to the safe state. This enables fast restart after door enable.