Non-Contact Safety Switches SIRIUS

Protective door with contactless safety switch

Do you want a simple way to create protective door applications? If so, the contactless safety switch is the right solution. The switch scores with its immunity to vibration. It is especially rugged, as it is available with a high degree of protection. It also features non-wear switching, which increases plant availability. The following movie shows a protective door application with a contactless safety switch pair being used in a plant. The switch is wired to a safety relay. In this way, the safey relay monitors the contactless safety switch. The plant reliably shuts down in the event of a hazard.

The switch is wired to a safety relay. But wiring to other evaluation units is also possible. For example, the SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety system is suitable, as is a fail-safe controller.

The new design of SIRIUS 3SE66/67 magnetically operated switches enables a range of different mounting options as shown here:

The supplementary range of SIRIUS 3SE66/67 magnetically operated switches offers different options with regard to the mounting position of the switching magnet. This means that you have the option of installing the switching magnet either on the same level as the contact block or with a 90°offset.

Both mounting options are possible with the small and large units in the supplementary range: