Solid-State Switching Devices for Switching Resistive Loads

SIRIUS solid-state switching devices have proven themselves in the switching of resistive loads in a diverse range of industries. With precision, they carry out the switching of heating elements at an exact temperature in plastic extruders as well as the exact actuation of valves in bottling plants in the beverage industry. They are also ideal for low-noise environments like offices or hospitals - they switch noiselessly.

Solid-state relays

Using only two screws, our devices can be mounted quickly and easily onto cooling surfaces. Thanks to the excellent heat contact, a capacity of up to 88A can be reached, depending on the characteristics of the cooler. For optimal adaptation to the respective application, solid-state relays can be expanded individually using function modules.

Function modules

With the help of various standard modules, our solid-state relays and solid-state contactors can be adapted optimally to individual requirements. Expansion can be carried out quickly and conveniently using a simple click. The original plug-in connection for activating solid-state switching devices can simply be used again.

Solid-State Switching Devices for Switching Motors

The new 3-phase solid-state contactors are, for example, used in conveyor technology applications for the switching and reversing of parcel conveyor belts or palleting machines. Also these devices offer a quiet switching behavior and are therefore suitable for all noise-sensitive applications. Thanks to their integration in the SIRIUS modular system, the solid-state contactors can be easily extended to assemble complete motor feeders. The terminals in the main circuit are designed in a way which allows for the devices’ connection to a SIRIUS motor starter protector by means of a conventional link module. For a fast and compact assembly of fuseless motor feeders. Alternatively, also fused motor feeders can be realized by simply mounting a solid-state SIRIUS overload relay to the outputs of the solid-state contactor.