Solid-State Switching Devices

The innovative range for the frequent switching of resistive loads and motors.

Solid-state switching devices from Siemens have established themselves firmly in industrial environments. Especially in low-noise areas as well as in areas where loads are frequently switched, e.g. to control resistive loads or in conveyor systems. Built entirely without moving parts, they switch without making a sound, are free of wear & tear and are almost limitless. Their compact design means they can save space when installed into control cabinets.

Advantages at a glance

  • Wear-free and noise-free switching even in areas sensitive to noise (offices, hospitals)

  • Two widths: 22.5 mm and 45 mm

  • Various connection options: Screw-type and┬áspring-loaded connection

  • Extended functionality thanks to plug-in function modules

  • Broad range of control voltages

  • Applications:
    - Electrical heating control
    - Control of valves and motors in conveyor systems
    - Reversing applications