Contactors for Special Applications

Siemens - Contactors for Special Applications

Our comprehensive range of contactors also offers the ideal solutions for special applications.

Our single-phase 3RT23 AC contactors can now be used, for example, for switching heating circuits up to 110 A.

We offer the 4-pole 3RT25 contactor for implementation in crane motors or as braking protection up to 22 kW.

Our coupling relays up to 15 kW, with their power-optimized coils, can be directly controlled by the PLC.

The new 3RT2 contactor series is available for your main and auxiliary circuits with screw terminals, spring-loaded terminals or ring terminals.

For applications with particularly demanding ambient conditions, we also offer our contactors for railway applications with spring-loaded connections throughout, extended temperature range up to 70 °C and an extended coil operating range in the performance range up to 37 kW.

We offer 3RT26 capacitor contactors for reactive current compensation with power capacitors.