Power Contactors for Switching Motors

The Right Power Contactor for Every Application

Siemens - Power Contactors for Switching Motors

With a wide range of power contactors for switching motors, we can cover many different applications up to 250 kW. In sizes S00 to S12, in addition to 3-pole standard contactors, there are also vacuum contactors, coupling relays for optimal interfacing with the outputs of controllers, and various different 4-pole power relays and miniature contactors for the performance range up to 4 kW. The new 3RT2 contactors in sizes S00 and S0 are particularly flexible. Apart from screw-type connections, the devices are also available throughout with spring-loaded connections. The auxiliary switches for S00, S0 and S2 can be installed for any sizes. An AC/DC version can be controlled using either AC or DC voltage and simultaneously features much lower holding power of the coils. Two auxiliary switches are already integrated in the contactors of size S0 and S2 which offer even higher contact reliability.

A special highlight: Contactors in size S00, S0, S2 and S3 can be used to configure star-delta (wye-delta) starters simply by plugging in function modules. These can also be equipped with an AS-i or IO-Link interface as an option, which significantly reduces the control circuit wiring.

As regards safety engineering, contactors of the 3RT2 series also offer some new features: Using the Safety connector, safety related solutions can be configured to PLe according to ISO13949-1 or SIL3 according to IEC62061 – simply plug the Safety connector into the contactors and a redundant contactor assembly is wired up already.