Function Modules for Fitting to SIRIUS 3RT2 Contactors

Function Modules for Direct, Reversing and Star-Delta (Wye-Delta) Starters

Function modules are available that are simply plugged in to the contactors of the new 3RT2 generation in sizes S00 and S0 which reduces the control circuit wiring when assembling direct, reversing and star-delta (wye-delta) starters. In this manner, contactor assemblies of these sizes can be implemented quickly, easily and, in particular, reliably.

Function modules for direct starting (timing relay) support time-delayed opening/closing of the underlying contactor and feature a large wide-voltage range; the mechanical and electrical interlocking is integrated for a reversing starter assembly. If a star-delta (wye-delta) assembly is implemented using function modules instead of complex wiring, you benefit not only from a 70% reduction in wiring in the control circuit, but also from the smaller footprint, because the star-delta (wye-delta) timing relay and the coil protection circuit are already integrated.

Function Modules for Interfacing to the PLC

The above-mentioned function modules with starter functions are also available with interfaces for AS-Interface or IO-Link. In addition to the reduction in wiring within the branches, interfacing to the higher-level PLCs can be considerably simplified. The complex control circuit wiring to the PLC can be almost completely omitted, and on the PLC itself, minimal space is required for input and output modules.

Thanks to seamless integration in STEP 7 of the redesigned SIRIUS components, the data is available centrally in the PLC and can be read out easily. This supports plant-wide diagnosis through to the last component of the field level.

The operating data of the load feeders, such as the ready signal, ON/OFF and group warning/fault, can be easily transferred via AS-i or IO-Link. Programming of the individual branches is considerably simplified, because all types of starter can always be addressed with the same input/output profile.

Diagnostic messages such as "Manual mode local", "End position CW/CCW", "Auxiliary voltage or main voltage missing" can also be transferred directly to the PLC, or a device fault can be transferred via IO-Link.

Errors are immediately localized and provided as a plain text display at a central point or on local displays - so that they can be rectified quickly.

All function modules can be used with any size (S00/S0) and are available with screw-type and spring-loaded connection.