Contactor Assemblies

Pre-Assembled and Tested Contactor Assemblies

Siemens - Contactor Assemblies

In addition to a wide range of individual components that you can assemble yourself easily, quickly and reliably and interlock mechanically and electrically, we offer you pre-assembled contactor assemblies - with AC and DC coils.

The contactor assemblies are completely assembled, tested and designed for optimally combining with other components of the modular SIRIUS system, such as circuit breakers, overload relays, current monitoring relays, etc. This reduces the time and costs for engineering, assembly and wiring.

For greater application flexibility, these assemblies are also available in sizes S00 and S0 with spring-loaded connections throughout.

Self-assembly, never easier!

Apart from the pre-assembled devices, contactor assemblies can also be created by the user. In sizes S00, S0 and S2, there is a special feature that makes assembly possible almost without the need for wiring: Using the appropriate, plug-in function modules for fitting to contactors which include timer functions or even electrical interlocks, reversing assemblies or star-delta (wye-delta) assemblies, for example, can be implemented quickly and easily - without the need for additional control wiring, protective circuit or prioritization circuit.

Apart from the pre-assembled assemblies, contactor assemblies can also be created by the user from individual devices. In combination with the contactors of the new 3RT2 series, this is particularly easy: Whereas, for the main circuit, wiring kits are available for both screw-type terminal and spring-loaded terminal devices, function modules that can be plugged into the contactors revolutionize the control circuit: In this manner, timer functions, direct, reversing and star-delta (wye-delta) starter functions are configured quickly and easily without the need for tools - without any additional control wiring or protective circuit because the contactors are already included.