SIRIUS Monitoring Relays

3UG4 and 3RR2 Monitoring Relays

SIRIUS 3UG4 and 3RR2 monitoring relays facilitate the monitoring of various electrical and mechanical parameters in the feeder and reliable system protection against damage. The relays can be mounted in stand-alone assembly (3UG4); alternatively, the 3RR2 current monitoring relay can be directly integrated in the feeder by easy plug-on mounting on SIRIUS 3RT2 contactors.
SIRIUS monitoring relays not only feature freely parameterizable threshold values and manifold adjustment options, but also provide conclusive diagnostics and are even able to correct an incorrect phase sequence autonomously. Numerous versions are also available with IO-Link interface for connection to the control. Find out more about IO-Link:

The positive result:
Targeted prevention of production faults – sustainable increase of availability and productivity.

There are monitoring relays available for the following applications:

Multi-phase current monitoring (also for IO-Link)

SIRIUS current monitoring relays 3RR24 for IO-Link:

3RN2 Thermistor Motor Protection

for protection against overheating 
Thermistor motor protection relays provide decisive benefits in cases in which current-dependent protection using either a circuit breaker or an overload relay is not the perfect solution. In specific cases, overheating can occur without being detected by the thermal image in the circuit breaker or overload relay, for example in the case of heavy starting, operation with frequency converters, strong braking operations or restricted ventilation. The SIRIUS 3RN2 thermistor motor protection relays protect the motor reliably against overheating as they monitor the winding temperature of motors directly.

3RS1 Temperature Monitoring Relays

The temperature of solid, liquid and gaseous media represents the most frequently measured parameter in industrial applications. Not least because of this fact do SIRIUS temperature monitoring relays serve as the ideal devices for system protection. They monitor process temperatures just as reliably as the temperature inside control cabinets or motors – if required even with up to three sensors at the same time. Analog and digital versions are available to suit various requirements. Numerous versions are also available with IO-Link interface for connection to the control. Find out more about IO-Link:

Analog and digital versions are available:

Temperature monitoring relays

SIRIUS 3RS14/15 temperature monitoring relays for IO-Link: