SIRIUS Monitoring Relays

Seamless Industrial Communication

SIRIUS speaks IO-Link

With the SIRIUS monitoring relays for IO-Link, you opt for maximum flexibility: In addition to the unchanged autonomous monitoring function, measured values and data can be directly transferred to the control via IO-Link. Also parameterization can either be realized locally or via IO-Link.

SIRIUS monitoring relays for IO-Link:

  • SIRIUS 3RR24:
    3-phase current monitoring directly in the feeder

  • SIRIUS 3UG48:
    Monitoring of electrical and mechanical parameters: Voltage, current, power factor and speed

  • SIRIUS 3RS14/15:
    Monitoring of temperatures

The open communication standard IO-Link offers the following advantages with the monitoring of electrical and further parameters:

  • Connection to the control level via IO-Link, resulting in full integration in Totally Integrated Automation, the open system architecture for integrated automation

  • Central fault diagnostics and localization

  • Eased commissioning thanks to local parameterization in the system or central parameterization with extended options and PC comfort

  • Eased device replacement thanks to automatic data comparison and reparameterization via parameter server

  • Efficient energy management: Support of the data formats defined in the PROFIenergy profile. More information about energy efficiency and PROFIenergy at Siemens:

IO-Link integrated in Totally Integrated Automation

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