Intelligent Motor Control Centers (iMCC)

Cutting costs with integrated automation and control solutions

The enhanced process data made available by intelligent Motor Control Center solutions help you to maximize the availability of your plant, making sure that your process runs and runs. Even in the event of a process stop, SIMOCODE pro enables it to run again.

Reduced manufacturing time of an iMCC, translates into cost savings. Additionally, the testing time and integration into the supervisory system (usually a DCS) is also reduced, thereby maximizing potential CAPEX benefits.

At the heart of an intelligent Motor Control Center is a communication-capable motor manager device (SIMOCODE) that monitors the motor and other key process variables, providing core data required by the process control system.

SIMOCODE pro motor management for full motor protection, transparent operation, predictive maintenance and integrated safety functions

SIMOCODE pro motor management makes your motor control center communication-capable and creates a flexible interface between your application and the higher-level process control system. It is ideally suited for oil and gas applications, where continuous operation is critical for plant efficiency, service life of the equipment, and the safety of humans and machines.

Monitoring an oil lubrication pump using the SIMOCODE pro motor management system.
The hardwired configuration of the SIMOCODE pro motor manager ensures maximum reliability of the gas turbine in the event of a power failure or overload. The redundant motor manager switches on the reserve pump to ensure the lubrication of the turbine, thereby keeping the likelihood of damage to a minimum. The result: increased plant reliability and asset protection through the autonomous operation of SIMOCODE pro. Learn more

Our offer: Efficient operation, reduced engineering and integrated safety functions

Getting a head start: easy engineering

Right from the start of the project engineering, SIMOCODE pro motor management creates added value. During integration into the DCS, SIMOCODE pro can easily be accessed from any point within the network, making single point programming of all motor feeders simple.

Commissioning of the motor manager device becomes simplicity itself. Using the clear texts and graphics of the SIMOCODE ES software reduces commissioning time to a minimum. Visualization possibilities are also enhanced when SIMOCODE ES is integrated into the DCS, yet the core functionality remains when used independently.

Smooth operation: enhanced monitoring and data transparency

SIMOCODE pro intelligent Motor Control Center solutions protect your assets and increase the availability of your plant. SIMOCODE pro offers a wealth of asset-relevant data to maximize process efficiency. Diagnostics, maintenance and energy data are made readily available to the DCS through a variety of user-defined protocols

Looking ahead: predictive maintenance

Previously, maintenance was based on routine; on hours run, numbers of starts, overload trips. But why should this be the status quo when so much more information is available?

SIMOCODE pro offers all of the familiar maintenance-relevant information (e.g. hours run), but also provides user defined warnings and alarms (in real time) so that potential faults can be forecast and resolved in advance.

Easy handling: exchanging modules

To ensure maximum resilience, withdrawable MCC sections are commonplace in many process industries that offer users the possibility to quickly replace a motor feeder circuit in the event of a fault. But what then? How do you re-program?

After replacing the feeder in your switchboard, the new SIMOCODE pro is automatically parameterized – thanks to the permanently integrated initialization module. Functionality resumes within milliseconds after relocation of the tray.

On track: HSE safety requirements

Health, safety, and environment requirements (HSE) are mandatory considerations in the oil and gas industry. They can directly lead to negative shareholder value, if overlooked.

With its integrated safety functions, SIMOCODE pro fulfils the process safety requirements of the IEC 61508/62062 and ISO 13849-1 standards on functional safety up to SIL 3 or PL e with respect to fail-safe switching, process compliance and audit traceability.

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Intelligent Motor Control Center with integrated safety functions