SIMOCODE pro - products for smart motor management

Basic units

The two basic units SIMOCODE pro S and SIMOCODE pro V contain all essential motor protection and control functions and therefore are the heart of the motor management system SIMOCODE pro. We offer two device series that are functionally graded and harmonized with each other so that you can enjoy the full benefits of SIMOCODE pro in all areas of process industry.


The smart, compact motor management system for direct, reversing and star-delta starters in only 22.5 mm wide. It is currently the most economical communication-capable motor management system in its class with PROFIBUS connection. It redefines entry into motor management while fulfilling market requirements – functions for standard motor protection and control, diagnostics and monitoring are already integrated, for example. The basic device features 4 digital inputs (24 V DC) and 2 monostable relay outputs (all freely programmable), as well as an input for thermistor connections. To facilitate more functionality, a multifunctional module can also be connected.


The variable motor management system. It offers an even bigger functional scope and, in addition, can be expanded by exactly those functions that you require in your motor starter. Up to five optional expansion modules and a fail-safe module can be connected.

Communication with the automation level takes place via PROFIBUS, PROFINET / PROFIsafe, Modbus RTU and Ethernet IP, but also via OPC UA.Thus, your motor starter can easily be integrated into every automation system running with PROFIBUS DP. They all have four inputs and three relay outputs included and come in two power supply choices of 24 V DC or 110-240 V AC/DC.

Current and voltage measuring modules

SIMOCODE pro monitors motors with rated motor currents up to 820 A. Therefore, different current measuring modules are available. Instead of current measuring modules, for SIMOCODE pro V you can also use current/voltage measuring modules. This allows you to not only measure motor current but also voltages up to 690 V and monitor power-related measured quantities.

Operator panel

The operator panel is used to control the motor starter. It can be built into a control cabinet door and features IP54 as degree of protection. Thus, SIMOCODE pro or the starter can be directly operated from the control cabinet. The system interface integrated in the operator panel at the front allows for convenient PC/PG based parameter assignment and diagnostics directly at the control cabinet door. Attaching an addressing plug or memory module allows for the quick transmission of PROFIBUS addresses or even the complete parameter setting of your feeder. To be able to read measuring values, operational and diagnostics data fast and easily at the control cabinet, the operator panel for SIMOCODE pro V is optionally available with a display and menu navigation in 8 different languages. In addition, the operator panel offers the possibility to read out the internal device fault memory.

Expansion modules

Multifunctional module for SIMOCODE pro S

Enhance your entry-class motor management with just one more module for even more functionality:

  • 4 additional digital inputs (input voltage 24 V DC, 110 -240 V AC / DC)

  • 2 relay outputs

  • Earth-fault monitoring with a 3UL23 residual current transformer in the range 30mA…40A

  • Temperature monitoring with connection of an analog temperature sensor (PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84 or NTC)

Digital module for SIMOCODE pro V

Increase the type and number of digital input and relay outputs of SIMOCODE pro V step-by-step by using digital modules. This allows you to:

  • Input or output additional process signals and implement additional functions

  • Retrofit externally supplied digital inputs (24 V DC oder 110 – 240 V AC/DC)

  • Add bistable relay outputs; the relay outputs’ switching status is kept stable even if the power supply voltage fails

Earth-fault module for SIMOCODE pro V

With our earth-fault module – in addition to the earth fault monitoring function integrated into the basic unit – your external earth-fault monitoring will be even more precise using a summation current transformer.

Temperature module for SIMOCODE pro V

In parallel to the thermistor motor protection, you can easily integrate up to three analog temperature sensors (e.g. Pt100, Pt1000, KTY, NTC) into your process by using the temperature module. This allows for easier monitoring of bearing, gear oil and coolant temperature.

Analog module for SIMOCODE pro V

Expand the motor management system SIMOCODE pro V with analog inputs and outputs (0/4…20 mA) by using the analog module for SIMOCODE pro V. This makes process monitoring of filling levels, flow rates, dry running or filter contamination extremely easy.

Safety integrated with SIMOCODE pro

Let’s play it safe. Protect your plant, employees, machines and the environment with the fail-safe disconnection of motors. In process automation, the use of safety technology is becoming more and more important. By adding a fail-safe digital module to SIMOCODE pro V you will benefit from flexible, modular motor control functions and integrated safety technology in one system. In doing so, the requirements of the safety standards IEC 61508/62061 and ISO 13849-1 for functional safety of up to SIL 3 or PL e respectively will be complied with.

Fail-safe digital module DM-F Local

The fail-safe digital module DM-F Local can be used for applications that require a local fail-safe disconnection (e.g. emergency stop) or a fail-safe disconnection via a fail-safe hardware output (e.g. a fail-safe signal of a controller).

Fail-safe digital module PROFIsafe

The fail-safe digital module DM-F PROFIsafe can be used for applications in which the disconnection signal is being generated by a fail-safe controller and transmitted to the DM-F PROFIsafe module via PROFIBUS/ PROFINET, using the standardized profile PROFIsafe.