Software for SIMOCODE pro

Ensures extremely easy engineering. And the system transparent.

SIMOCODE ES V15 based on the TIA Portal

Configuration in the TIA Portal – Device view

Ease of planning, high configuration reliability, rapid commissioning as well as parameterization, diagnostics and maintenance-relevant monitoring functions: All these are characteristics of convenient engineering with SIMOCODE ES, the central software for configuration, commissioning, operation and diagnostics of SIMOCODE pro devices. Integrated in the uniform engineering framework of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), SIMOCODE ES represents the efficient and intuitive solution for all automation tasks.

SIMOCODE ES with integrated graphics editor

Advantages at a glance

  • Clear plant documentation by means of graphic presentation

  • Centralization of an entire plant’s configuration

  • Management of user-created templates for SIMOCODE pro device configurations in global or project libraries for rapid reusability

  • Easy parameterization with the graphics editor reduces engineering work and shortens startup times

  • Parameter changes are also possible during normal operation

Graphical parameterization and commissioning via the integrated graphics editor

  • Control and protection functions as well as control circuit wiring are realized by means of integrated control functions and can be parameterized in a user-friendly and rapid manner

  • Device parameterization via drag and drop using the graphics editor, based on Continuous Function Chart (CFC), facilitates the extremely compact documentation of all set parameters as well as the graphical online representation, including all state signals, during ongoing operation

Easy diagnostics and maintenance

  • Convenient central parameterization and diagnostics via PROFIBUS / PROFINET or directly on the control cabinet

  • Avoidance of unnecessary plant downtimes thanks to optional online parameterization – also during ongoing operation

  • Representation of manifold information in the form of transparent dialogs, including:
    - Warnings, faults, messages
    - Motor operating hours, motor starts
    - Fault log / fault history
    - Trends and measuring curves

Engineering redefined - SIMOCODE pro in the TIA Portal

Discover here how to configure the motor control system SIMOCODE pro in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal.


The PCS 7 SIMOCODE library enables simple and easy integration of SIMOCODE pro into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. The PCS 7 library contains standardized motor blocks and faceplates for controlling or operating and monitoring the motor.

For the plant-wide device parameter setting and diagnostics, SIMOCODE pro is also integrated into SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager). This means that a standard, unified tool is embedded in the process control system for intelligentfield devices such as SIMOCODE pro.

Advantages at a glance

  • Consistent, uniform integration in SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Standardized blocks for easy integration and optimized operation

  • Easy-to-integrate safety technology thanks to SIMOCODE pro Safety

  • Greater process transparency due to enhanced information density in the process control system

Simple and easy configuration of SIMOCODE pro into SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PDM

With drag & drop motor blocks and internal interconnections are linked. The PCS 7 SIMOCODE libray, archives and faceplates allow an easy handling.

SIMOCODE pro integrated in PCS 7

SIMOCODE pro integrated in STEP 7

Configuration and commissioning of SIMOCODE pro can also be realized in the TIA Portal without additional software

As device configuration forms part of STEP 7, each individually-created configuration is loaded into the PLC and automatically transferred to the SIMOCODE pro devices connected via PROFIBUS / PROFINET.

Advantages at a glance

  • Intuitive - Very simple operation; SIMOCODE pro configured without the need for additional tools

  • Efficient - Fast, simple integration in SIMATIC through shared data management and a uniform user interface

  • Future-proof - The TIA Portal is designed so that all future software developments to do with SIMOCODE pro can be seamlessly integrated