Comfortable integration via integrated interface

SIMOCODE pro for PROFIBUS, Modbus, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

SIMOCODE pro supports the motor feeder's standardized integration in superior automation systems via PROFIBUS Modbus and PROFINET, as well as EtherNet/IP.

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SIMOCODE pro for PROFIBUS + Modbus:

SIMOCODE pro for PROFINET + EtherNet/IP:

Cyclic services (DPV0) and acyclic services (DPV1)

Support of PROFINET IO's system redundancy mechanisms

Comprehensive diagnostics and process alarms

Line and ring bus topologies thanks to integrated switch

Fail-safe communication via PROFIsafe*

Media redundancy via MRP protocol

Time stamping of digital signals with high temporal accuracy*

Fail-safe communication via PROFIsafe

Break function and measured values for energy management via PROFIenergy

NTP-synchronized time

Module replacement without PC / memory module via neighborhood detection

Comprehensive diagnostics and maintenance alarms

OPC UA server function for open communication with visualization and control systems

Operating, service and diagnostics data via standard web browser

* For SIMOCODE pro V

PROFIBUS system information

PROFINET system information



System redundancy

System redundancy with SIMOCODE pro for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

SIMOCODE pro supports the PROFINET system redundancy function. SIMOCODE pro motor management devices can be directly linked to high-availability systems with two controllers, without the need for any further hardware. Especially in the case of complex automation tasks in the process industry, where the focus is on system availability and redundancy of the control system, reliable communication with the H CPU is important. Both controllers belonging to the H system always have access to the SIMOCODE pro field device. In the event of a cable break or CPU failure, the other one takes over. This ensures seamless communication.

Advantages at a glance

  • Clearly enhanced system availability

  • Minimized production outages - high productivity

  • No system restart costs

Web diagnostics with SIMOCODE pro for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

The web diagnostics function integrated in SIMOCODE pro facilitates global access to all important online information for diagnostics and service purposes (with PROFINET and EtherNet/IP). Relevant data can even be accessed via a PC with standard web browser: Either directly on-site or remotely via the Internet.Detailed status information on the motor, current measured values such as current and power, fault memory as well as service and statistical data can be transparently displayed via device-internal websites.

Open, vendor-independent communication via OPC UA for plant-wide visualization via MindSphere

Direct data exchange with HMI panels or SCADA systems

With OPC UA, SIMOCODE pro offers a flexible and powerful communication interface via Industrial Ethernet for automation as well as operation and monitoring systems. Acting as OPC UA client, these systems can access all important operating, service and diagnostics data of SIMOCODE pro for PROFINET and transfer control commands via the integrated OPC UA server. The motor management system directs information from the control panel via Ethernet right to where it is processed: directly on site on HMI Panels or across multiple systems in higher-level cloud-based solutions such as Siemens MindSphere.

Data access via Web browser and OPC UA client

With OPC UA communication from SIMOCODE pro, switching systems are transformed into providers of valuable information.

SIMOCODE pro goes MindSphere: The Motor Control Center as a Data Provider