ID key-operated switch


  • Authorization management system with an unlimited variety and combination of authorization levels

  • Freely programmable via IO-Link

  • Easy handling thanks to color recognition

ID-key-operated switches are used in place of conventional key-operated switches particularly in industrial plants, where there several safety-related implications are available, and where different authorization levels are necessary for operating a system.
Switches and keys are not coupled mechanically, but are linked via a wireless connection using a tag that is built into an ID-key and read by the transmitter unit in a switch. Keys and switches are plastic-coated, and do not come into contact at the wireless interface. This protects the electronics in the switches against external influences such as dirt and water.  An additional advantage over conventional keys is that the tag, and thus the authorization levels of a key, can be modified remotely. After the delivery of the assembly, new keys can be easily added location-independant via an individual number. If an ID-key (or tag) is lost, it can simply be blocked and replaced. This function can also be used to restrict access to specific periods of time. In addition, a number of different evaluations are possible based on particular timeframes, e.g. during active production, when configuring or in the event of faults.

How To Do Videos (unrestricted use)

Part 1: Installation, Components, Functionality

Part 2: realize a special locking system via IO-Link

With the SIRIUS ACT Configurator you select the suitable ID key-operated switch intuitively. Enclosures and labeling can be combined individually and to suit specific application needs, and graphics-based component selection with a drag and drop function and selection preview, making it easier than ever to select and order the product you need.



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