Communication solutions for the field and the control panel

… simply well connected …

Learn how easy and fast command and signaling devices with PROFINET mounted,
configured in the TIA Portal & visualized and replaced if necessary.




… and easily integrated …

The various communication interfacing options provided by SIRIUS ACT enable simple combinations of push buttons and signaling devices, HMI touch screens and industrial PCs, which means that complex input stations can be set up without extensive wiring and engineering time and effort. Integration into the TIA Portal enables them to be visually displayed for better harmonization with the hardware, thus simplifying and speeding up hardware configuration. Further advantages are uniform data management (intelligent system), time savings thanks to intuitive hardware configuration and lower downtimes resulting from faster fault diagnostics. The option handling feature enables flexible systems to be designed and individually adapted – even during ongoing operation.




SIRIUS ACT PROFINET is a solution for linking push buttons and signaling devices quickly and for connecting them easily to a controller.

• Fast and easy integration in a controller (PLC)
• Integrated into the TIA Portal
• Also for connectivity of safety technology
• Quick and easy installation
• Communication via PROFINET and PROFIsafe
• No address assignment during installation
• No additional components needed

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SIRIUS ACT IO-Link The intelligent interface between humans and machines.

• Identification of persons via SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches
• Creation of an authorization management system for your machine/system (ID key-operated switches)
• Easy configuration of customized enclosures with IO-Link via configurator
• Shorter installation time thanks to pre-wired, customized enclosure solutions with integrated IO-Link interface

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SIRIUS ACT AS-Interface offers diverse options of integrating push buttons and signaling devices easily and quickly into a controller.

• Easy configuration of enclosure solutions via a configurator
• Shorter installation time thanks to pre-wired, customized enclosure solutions
• Simple design of safety applications
• Possibility of integrating all SIRIUS ACT devices
• Integrated into the TIA Portal

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