Cable-Operated Switches SIRIUS 3SE7, 3SF2

Every Situation under Control

Paper jams in printing presses, overloads on conveyors, hazardous moments on production lines or in packaging machines: the 3SE7 cable-operated switch is used wherever extensive areas such as conveyor belts or supply systems have to be monitored.

Distances of up to 100 m can be secured by just one switch. With the cable-operated switch, you are immediately in control of the situation.

Siemens - Cable-Operated Switches

Advantages at a glance

  • Control and E-Stop functions are always within immediate reach

  • Complete system for every requirement and for routing up to 2 x 50 m in length

  • Simple unlatching

  • Fail-safe applications with SIRIUS Safety Integrated

  • Long-distance signal display using innovative LED technology: Visibility over 50 m!

  • Cable-operated switches without latching and with latching in accordance with EN ISO 13850 – complete E-Stop function with positive opening contacts